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Find in our library the largest collection of plans and blocks downloadable for free without registering in DWG and PDF format to use in AutoCAD or other programs. 

Free house plans in DWG

house plan three floors and four bedrooms

Three-story, four-bedroom house plan

Architectural project in 2D DWG format of Autocad residence of three levels with sloping tile roofs, first level garage, living room, study, dining room, kitchen, area

five bedroom duplex plan

Five bedroom duplex in Autocad dwg

Architectural and dimensioned plans of a two-level duplex residence with sloping roofs and five bedrooms in total, the project contains architectural plans and

Downloadable plans for AutoCAD

Download plans in AutoCAD dwg for free without registering in 2d, like: house plans, warehouses, houses, auditoriums, restaurants, which can be of help to you to develop a similar project created by students or professionals of architecture and engineering.

In the plans and diagrams you will find basic architectural projects that contain: architectural plants furnished with furniture blocks and symbols. To download the AutoCAD blocks of plans, just click on the category that interests you and you will have access to the details of the projects and the link for their free download in dwg. 

Drawings can be used in various applications, Autodesk AutoCAD lt CAD software or design programs for computers, Microsoft Windows computers or Mac Apple for PCs and laptops.

What are 3D AutoCAD plans?

On our site you can also find 3d house plans that unlike conventional plans these show the entire house in a single model. In this way you can visualize and render the house to see how it would look in reality.

If you want to get an idea of what a house will be like, this is the best option since it allows you to see in detail the measured proportions and final finishes. Download 3d house plans for AutoCAD and see what the house of your dreams will be like.

Drawings in DWG format

The drawings in DWG format They are files generated by CAD programs that are commonly used for the layout of an architecture project. Once the file is open, you will be able to see and modify the measurements to your liking, which are commonly of homes.

Unlike the plans in PDF format, here you can edit, modify and delete allowing you to completely redesign the project to your liking. Autocad plans share hundreds of DWG drawings for use with AutoCAD and other programs.

Steps to open drawings in DWG

To open a plan in DWG you must have a program installed on your computer that allows you to do so, the most popular is AutoCAD. Make sure the version of the program you are using can open this extension.

Download plans in PDF

The plans in PDF format These are files that generally can only be viewed. These plans do not require any special program to open them and they are the best option if you are not looking to modify the plan.

If you want print any of our plans Without having to open, edit and save the project, you can do it with the house plans in PDF, just open the file or right-click and select print.

How to open house plans in PDF

Currently, browsers allow you to open any PDF file and view its content easily and quickly. Therefore, we recommend Google Chrome, now, the original program to open this format is called Adobe Acrobat Reader.